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Thanks all of you. I can't rep any of you as I have already repped you all too recently, but I really appreciate the advice.

I would feel incredible about my team if I just hadn't made the idiotic decision of drafting Michael Craptree when Wes Welker was available. I just saw the potential of Craptree and thought he played well enough at the end of last year and was worried about Welker's injury that I made a dumb move. I feel like it was about the only bad decision in my draft.

I appreciate the advice of just letting him rot. I feel like I have made some VERY fair deals to him and was willing to accept whichever WR (Boldin, Welker, Jennings, or White) and was willing to make better deals based on who he was willing to trade. Only guy he would consider was Boldin, and we had agreed to the deal but he then decided to back out. Screw him as it is his loss. He also went and signed Michael Vick which should be interesting, but Orton is definitely the most proven of his options.

I also have a potential trade going of Crabtree and Cadillac for Steve Smith (CAR) which I will do in a heartbeat if the guy accepts but am certainly confident enough with my team to just stand pat. If I can get Celek off waivers, I will feel excellent about my TE position which was also a little weak, so we'll see.

Once again, I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions.
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