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Ocho Cinco had 3 catches for about 30 yards by the middle of the third quarter when the Pats were up 31 to 3. His TD and 120 more yards were basically trash time towards the end of the game. I don't expect him to get those stats each week given the Bengals first place schedule.

Boldin looked pretty good against the Jets secondary, which is a good sign given how much pressure Flacco had all night. My only concern with him is potential injury. He's one of those guys who misses at least 2 games a year, but I think he'll be a 1100 yard 7 TD WR this year.

Steve Smith (car) was involved in many plays against the Giants yesterday. I have him in several leagues so I keep a close eye on him. He didn't have a spectacular game, but a good one against a good defense in the Giants. I do like him a lot for a 2/3 fantasy WR, but I wouldn't give up Mendenhall for him, especially if you can wait until Big Ben gets back. I think Ben will open up the run game substantially for Mendy.

If your guy is really big on CJ Spiller, I'd go for a straight up trade of him for any of those three WRs you have mentioned. It would be a superb trade,and you can let him take the risk of the rookie.
Great info. I really appreciate it and wish I could rep you again.

Actually, it is another guy that I might be able to trade with for Steve Smith or Ocho Cinco but from what you have said, sounds like the best bet with the least amount of risk it to make the trade for Boldin.
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