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Originally Posted by Chance_C
It's simple really, what has been one of the knocks on Carr? Inability (albeit he usually didn't have the time so I don't consider it a huge deal) to check down to the third and fourth options. Exactly what option did Gaffney become? I'm not sure, but I'm sure Carr never had time to check down to him. Carr should definately have more time this year and I look for Gaff to have a nice year. He won't put up huge numbers, but with his hands and route running he will move the chains.
You can't say it's all Carr, look at the number of receptions and yards Banks put on Gaffney when he was in:

09/21 Kansas City 2-18
10/26 @Indianapolis 2-26
11/02 Carolina 3-30
11/16 @Buffalo 3-40
11/23 New England 1-13
11/30 Atlanta 2-28

That's not exactly burning it up. And in a couple of those games where Carr got taken out, Carr had already throw to Gaffney a couple of times.

Like I said, it's not all on Carr, it has to be both or something else. Gaffney had his best day with Carr tossing him the ball.
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