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Originally Posted by done88
I think the Texans biggest strength next year is going to be the Defensive line. I know it is lacking depth but the front three are monstors. The Offensive line is a close second. With the additions of Wade and Bruner plus the maturity of Pitts, Wand, Washington, and Weary. Wiegert and Mckinney being the steady leaders they are. I believe the line could se as much improvement in the third year as they did in the second year, and that is saying a lot.
I think the Texans biggest weakness next year could be running back. Altough I don't believe it will be bab. Davis will perform well however he will need a break and I'm not sure Hollings is ready yet. The second biggest weakness on the Texans will be the OLB. After losing Posey Clemons did not perform well in his new role. Peek one track he needs to stick to pass rushing downs. This leaves Babin as the starter. Babin will be the next coming of Jeavon Kerse. However there will be a period of adjustment. Olinemen will take advantage of his over aggressiveness and run right at him at first. Once he starts to play under control things will start to fall into place for the whole defense.

WIth a little luck the Texans will have us watching the playoffs very soon.
Can't wait.
I agree with the comments about the strength of the defensive and offensive line. I would only add that I think one reason to believe in significant improvement in the offensive line is the new coach. A new player (RT), maturation of the younger players and Coach Pendry. I'm excited.

With an improved offensive line and improved passing game (maturation of Carr, Gaffney and Johnson, plus a new option (Joppru or Brener)) the running game WILL improve.

OLB and new DB's are unproven and a potential concern, but again an improved line, this time defensive, will make everyone look better.

I think the playoffs are a possibility, if we don't have too many key injuries.
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