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Originally Posted by __V__
I'd disagree with the route running mention. AJ was a surprisingly good route runner last year and it is one of his strengths.
My recollection was that AJ mentioned after the last game that he was looking forward to working on his route running in the offseason. My comment was not based on my observations. I suspect most receivers, particularly rookies, feel they can improve their route running, with practice, whereas practice won't make J.J. Moses taller, or Gaffney noticeably faster.

Originally Posted by __V__
... I'd probably disagree that he would show more improvement than most WR's going into his second year also since he had one of the better rookie years ever. He can improve on his year but to be one of the guys with a huge improvement is a stretch. The one area he may markedly improve is TD production. He can triple that (4) if he has a great year.
I agree that he had an excellent rookie year and that statistically, it is easier for a rookie WR who only had 100 yards receiving to double his production than a rookie WR who put up close to 1,000 yards receiving. The point I was trying to make related to what I would call the Andy Katzenmoyer factor.

Katzenmoyer (sp?) start as a rookie at Ohio State and accordingly played a lot of downs of college football before being drafted by the Patriots (as I recall). Sometimes, this means that they player has already benefited all he can from coaching, and worse, has already lost a lot of 'tread off the tire.' Such a player won't improve throughout his pro career and may have it cut short by an accumulation of injuries.

I believe that the Texans have generally selected players with their early selections who have not started a lot of games in college (Pitts (started late), Gaffney (Jr.) and Johnson (Jr.) would be examples). I was merely pointing out that Johnson had missed a lot of coaching as a collegian, because he came out as a junior and as I recall, he missed spring practice to run track. As he catches up on the coaching he 'may show more improvement in 2004 than most sophomores' (although not all as some sophomores may go from 100 yards (say) in 2003 to 500 yards (say) in 2004. At least we have something to point to as a reason for him to improve.
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