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Default Re: Another "rate my draft" thread

Originally Posted by JB View Post
White & Charles and Crabtree & Barber are pretty close. Depends on if you value WR or RB more. LJ is a nothing this year. Orton is not a bad backup QB.

edit: After looking over your roster again, White would be a big help. Foster and Mendenhall at RB and AJ/White at WR sounds sweet. Who would you get for your backup QB?

Carlson is a nice backup TE.
Yeah, I'd probably have to get Stafford or someone like that.

The reason my friend wants Orton is he was not there for the draft and the only QB he got auto drafted was Kevin Kolb and he is nervous about how he is going to do. Orton has proven he is capable enough of people a top 15 fantasy QB.

If he insists on keeping White and giving me Greg Jennings, do I still take the deal? Is Charles too much to give up especially when there is potential with Crabtree?
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