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Default Re: Another "rate my draft" thread

Originally Posted by Dutchrudder View Post
Yep. Colston would be a surefire upgrade over Crabtree. Mendenhall is likely more highly valued than Steven Jackson, so if he's willing to part with Colston, go for it.
How about this: my friend may be willing to trade Roddy White, Marion Barber, and Larry Johnson for Jamal Charles, Michael Crabtree, and Kyle Orton.

Do I do it? I like Charles a lot but Roddy White would solve my WR issues. I would then start Spiller or Cadillac at the flex I guess. He is pretty loaded at WR, but I don't think if he swaps Greg Jennings for Roddy White that I would do it. Would you? Thoughts.

Originally Posted by gary View Post
Is Miller still an option? He's an underrated TE IMO. Overall your team is good. WR deapth is needed but other than that I think your team should be all set.
Talking about Heath Miller or Zack Miller? Heath Miller is available but Zack is not.

I decided to drop Leon Washington and pick up John Carlson. I am worried if he has a good game, he will get picked up and then with my luck, Winslow will get injured and I will have no TE.
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