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Default Re: Another "rate my draft" thread

Originally Posted by Super Mario View Post
Overall I think you got good value with Rivers in the 4th. Foster in the 5th if he can stay healthy. Andre at #8 is OK. Non PPR might have been better value in a RB. But AJ would be gone by 2nd round pick.

I like your 14th round WR WAY better than your 10th round WR. Especially now with TJ Housh going to BAL.

Overall it looks like a good draft. Just have to wait to see how the season turns out to see if you strick gold, or got fooled.
Agreed and rep your way.

Interesting you like my pick of Aramashodu. I actually wanted Johnny Knox from the Bears but missed my chance to pick him. I figured Aramashodu was worth a shot.

Anyway, the reason I went Andre at 9 (need to change my post as I was actually 9th pick in the draft) was my brother picked after me and knew he would pick AJ before my #2 pick of the second round but the expected him to go with Moss and either Steven Jackson or Frank Gore leaving me with one of those two guys. By accident his autopick got switched on and ESPN auto drafted Gore and Jackson for him, leaving me freaking out over what to do. I should have picked Moss and then been willing to trade him for a RB, but didn't think clearly enough in the 60 seconds I had and went with Mendenhall. Still not a bad pick at all and he will be the focus of the Steelers especially while Ben is out.
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