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Default Re: Another "rate my draft" thread

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It's not fair to say since we don't know your options, you may have done better or you may have done worse. overall I really like it! Spiller is a steal in the 7th doubt there where any better WR options there? Also like Rivers in the 4th even without Vincent Jackson he's got plenty of weapons & Mathews adds a solid run game to balance the attack. Not crazy about Mendenhall or Charles this high, would like to see your WR options here. 49'ers D solid.
I seriously considered picking Randy Moss in the second as I would have had the two best fantasy WRs on my team, but instead went with Mendenhall. It was a bit of a reach and actually wanted Steven Jackson. My brother actually picked 10th in the first and 1st in the second and got both Frank Gore and Steven Jackson by accident because his auto draft accidently flipped on. Had I known it was a goof up on his part, I would have just picked Moss and traded him for Jackson.
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