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Default Re: Another "rate my draft" thread

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I give it a 3 due to it being a PPR league. Unless I'm missing somewhere that you have 3 RB starting and a flex for 4, I think you lost a lot of starting WR potential for RB depth. You had Mendenhall, JC and Foster for your 3 RBs which you can use to play matchups all year. With the Spiller pick, you could have gotten a better TE or starting WRs here, which are very important in an PPR league. I think you need to work some trades to upgrade WR/TE a bit if you can.

Btw, 49ers have an easy schedule and Ginn might be returning kicks for them, so good pick on their DST even if you weren't looking for them. They have a lot of potential this year.
Thanks for the comments. It is NOT a PPR league though. Not sure if that makes a difference in your assessment, but I do agree. To be honest though, there weren't many good WRs left when I made the Spiller pick. Basically what I drafted after that point is what was there when I made the pick. The WRs were picked early and often.

I'm hoping my RBs perform up to expectations and I can dump one off for a quality WR. Or it'd be even better if Crabtree becomes the kind of player he is supposed to be. Sure, he has Alex Smith throwing him the ball, but Alex Smith made Vernon Davis look like a VERY good TE so maybe after they have had time to work together, Crabtree will look good as well. We'll see.
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