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Default Re: Another "rate my draft" thread

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I hear ya. I think I made a mistake in my league. I'm in a 14 team league and I took a chance drafting Kolb in the fifth thinking Eli and Flacco would go in the later in the fifth or sixth. Well, Flacco went in the seventh and I got Eli in the eight as my backup. I will probably play Eli more than Kolb because Kolb has looked like crap in the pre-season.
It certainly is about is inexact of a science as there is. I still have my doubts about Flacco though. Also, what Eli Manning are we going to get? I just felt "safer" having my QB position locked up and taking a bit of a risk on the second WR spot.

My biggest regret is when I drafted the 49ers D and Jacoby was available. Really wish I had gotten him, but I just totally overlooked him.
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