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Default Re: Another "rate my draft" thread

Thanks for the comments. JB, Schaub actually went the pick immediately before me.

Yeah, the WRs just got snatched off the board. I felt so good with AJ that I felt the need to really strengthen my core since I will be starting two RBs plus will likely start a RB at the flex. Stingray, hindsight is 20-20. The way the draft was going, the QBs were flying off the board. As luck would have it, Flacco and Eli didn't go until the 8th so I could have waited. Seemed at the time the way the QBs were flying off that Rivers, Eli, and Flacco would have been gone by the time my pick was up at the end of the 5th.

The options I could have had were Boldin, Steve Smith (Giants version), Greg Jennings, Ochocinco, and Driver.

I really tried most of the draft to stick to my board and draft BPA regardless of position. We'll see how it works out.
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