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Default Another "rate my draft" thread

Alright so this is my team. I was the 8th pick in the draft (crappy position IMO), and it was a snake style draft. This is a 10 team league and is not a PPR league. I have included a poll so you can tell me how great or terrible you think I did, and please share your reasons in the thread. Poll is public, so I will be able to call you out if you rate is as a crappy draft and don't tell me why. So without further ado:

Round 1: WR Andre Johnson - no commentary needed.

Round 2: HB Rashard Mendenhall - basically, all of the top tier backs were gone, and I figure with Big Ben gone the Steelers will really concentrate on the run game.

Round 3: HB Jamaal Charles - probably a reach but guys like Shonn Greene, DeAngelo Williams, Cedric Benson as well as all the 1st and 2nd tier WRs were gone. Jonathan Stewart was also available, but I like the added pass catching ability of Charles.

Round 4: QB Philip Rivers - the QBs were snatched up FAST in this draft. My goal going into the draft was to go Andre at 1 and Peyton at 2, but Rodgers, Brees, and Manning all went in Round 1 and Brady went in Round 2. I feel considering how the draft went, Rivers was a steal in Round 4.

Round 5: HB Arian Foster - may have been a reach but very few RBs were left and I felt if I waited until the 6th, he'd be gone. I have very high hopes for Foster and expect he and Mendenhall to be my starters and Charles potentially as the flex.

Round 6: WR Michael Crabtree - maybe another reach, but I like his upside more than the guys that were available such as TO, Hines Ward, Dwyane Bowe, and am unsure what to expect out of Welker. I almost chose Welker but the knee injury worries me.

Round 7: HB C.J. Spiller - with Fred Jackson hurt, it looks like Spiller will be the man. Seemed like a low risk, high reward pick. Surely, either Spiller or Charles will work out for me as my flex option.

Round 8: WR Mike Wallace - I really was hoping to get Owen Daniels with this pick, but he got snatched up in the 6th. I figured with his injury, he would have lasted longer. Didn't love any of the TEs that were available, and the "experts" have been raving about Wallace. Without Santonio Holmes, he looks to be the Steelers number 1 option.

Round 9: TE Kellen Winslow - I absolutely hate the guy but he was the best receiving TE available. If he stays healthy, this will be a great pick. We'll see I guess.

Round 10: WR Derrick Mason - I feel like I made A LOT of high risk, high reward type picks in this draft, so I decided to go conservative with this pick. LT, TJ Housh, Malcolm Floyd, Johnny Knox, and Lee Evans were all available, but I liked the reliable Mason here.

Round 11: HB Cadillac Williams - if he's healthy, I feel like he provides excellent insurance as a proven commodity. I need proven with all the risks I took in this draft.

Round 12: 49ers D - wasn't happy with this pick. I had scrolled down and didn't realize I wasn't looking at my full board. Should have taken Johnny Knox here. I also could have had Jacoby Jones but didn't realize he was there. What do you guys think?

Round 13: HB Leon Washington - I may cut him. There are a few TEs available such as Heath Miller & John Carlson. Thoughts? Should I keep him? Forsett looks to be the starter.

Round 14: WR Devin Aromashodu - another guy the "experts" were raving about. These picks many times end up getting cut anyway. Figured he was worth a risk.

Round 15: K Jay Feely - everyone started drafting kickers so I figured I better get one. Arizona doesn't look like they will be scoring much so they will probably be kicking. A LOT.

Round 16: QB Kyle Orton - I need a backup QB. I could have gone Matthew Stafford or Chad Henne. Both of those guys seemed riskier though, and Orton is another proven talent.

That wraps it up. So thoughts? Any cuts I should make? Guys I should to sign?
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