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I have a feeling that they'll offer either Ragone or Symons up for trade at, say, next year's draft. I have a feeling Casserly realizes that he can continually draft intriguing, but not stud quarterbacks and flipping them for higher picks down the road. I can't say I blame him. It worked for Ron Wolf in GB. Heck, he had Brunell, Kurt Warner, and Ty of the Detmer sisters at one point or another. I think he traded Brunell and Ty for picks that helped stock the Packers for their Superbowl runs. Heck, the Eagles got a 2nd for their 3rd string QB!

I think QB prospects tend to be overvalued by most teams. There's always a chance to trade a back-up QB for a player or a pick that can fill in a starting spot. Back-ups for starters...I'll make a deal like that all day.
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