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Originally Posted by Wolf
And we have Miller at TE. I like the guy as a player and a person, but when I think about the NFL and TE's he doesn't make much of a blip on the radar screen. He is a good pass catching TE, I wish he could block half as good as he catches. I am not trying to dog him.. I am sure he busts his butt everyday on the field. Our hand is halfway shown when he was in, Defensive Coordinators know we are in passing mode when he is in and they know he can't block well. Don't get me wrong, I liked Miller, since the 1st catch and the 1st TD and all, but I feel that he wouldn't start on many teams and that in the 1st year he was the best that we had at the time and with skill positions that we did have..they were either borderline NFL players or rookies
Bennie Joppru will fix Millers problems. Him and Bruner will keep defenses guessing
I've adopted Eric Moulds
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