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Flawedout, you gave DD credit for the yards he got in games he didnt start so instead of dividing 860(that yards DD got when he started the game) by 10 you divided his total yards divided by 10 so it inflates his per game average...

DD averaged 86 yards per start, so if you stretch that over a 16 game season he would of had 1376 yards, so I agree with Ben, 1300 yards sounds reasonable.

Injuries had a big part in DD getting so many yards, too. If Carr was healthy the entire season last year I dont think that DD would have gotten 1000 yards. If you remember correctly, the entire Falcons game was handing it off to DD because Carr was injured in the second half. Also, LT didnt even get 1700 yards last year and he was the lone option on that offense. Clinton Portis "only" put up 1591 yards. The only player with more then 1700 yards last year was Jamal Lewis.

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