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Default From ESPN Radio today ....

George, Lamont Smith, and Trey Wingo on ESPN Radio today...
TW: Trey Wingo LS: Lamar Smith EG: You know

TW: Will you be a Titan next year?

EG: It doesn't look like a good opportunity right now.

LS: We've worked diligently to come closer to this. If Eddie is not a Titan we want an opportunity to see what's out there, we want closure in the next 24 hours.

TW: What about the Floyd Reese comment two months ago?

EG: After the comment, we had a meeting talking about my role, and my opportunity to make money, that was fine and dandy, what I wanted was a fair offer, that hasn't changed since March. I wanted to retire a Titan, the structure of the deal didnt allow it, it just didnt put me in the best looked like a one year deal. And then I'd be playing year-to-year.

TW: What teams would you like to play for if it doesn't work out with the Titans?

EG: Philly, Tampa, Dallas.

TW: What was the sticking point in the deal?

EG: Really, we were just too far apart. My production was just a result of how I've been used in the offense.

Lamont Smith blamed running back "ageism", the era of the salary cap and the Titans not addressing the O-line as the major obstacles to re-signing George.

.. doesn't sound like he will be back ... he would get booed every time he touched the ball.
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