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Originally Posted by HowBoutThemCowboys!
Troy was as prolific as he needed to be to help us dominate the league for 4 consecutive years in the 90's. You can't do more than you are asked to and you can't always control the situation, i.e. owner, coaches, supporting players, around you. Just ask Marino, Elway or Manning.
Mr. Damn Marino went to the SuperBowl his first year and his surrounding cast were recievers who needed someone to get them the ball. Never had what you would call a solid run game. Name more than 9 players who ever caught a TD from him and you are good. Prolific Passer.

Number 7 was always a threat on the field even though he only went to the SuperBowl after the arrival of a decent running game. Name 5 solid members of the supporting cast and you are ready for the bonus round. Prolific Passer.

The 2000 version of the Manning passing unit struggled with mediocracy among his teammates until the arrival of James and Harrison. But still managed Prolific numbers. Can you name any of the recievers from his rookie campaign? I know I can't.

Troy Aikman led his team through the worst season in franchise history before Smith came along. Not Elway, Not Marino, Not Peyton....Aikman.

Prolific passers send scrub recievers to the Hall-of-Fame. Who has Aikman sent? Who was Jerry Rice until he met a prolific passer, what has he done since? Sterling Sharpe? Shannon Sharpe? Mark Duper?

Cowboy QBs are excellent managers and superb field generals but prolific?
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