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I think a lot of the TV schedules will be adjusted this year as the Texans move through the season. If we do as well as I think we can, I think there is going to be some mud on some people's faces. We might be one of the more under televised champions of the NFL. Wouldn't that be a hoot. There's just something about this year's team that has a very good smell to it. Perhaps the preseason will give us more insight, but I have a very good feeling about the potential of this year's ball club. We are young, but we have a lot of young talent that's ready to blossem. If AJ becomes the terror of the league then watch out, because DD will be even more effective than last year. Hollings to me is still the unkown, but his speed could become an essential element of our offense and a change not welcomed by another team's tired defensive unit.
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