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What does it matter.....The Cowboys stink.
If they were in a real division they would know this.
The phenomenon of "playoff amnesia" seems to occur frequnetly in the metroplex. At the end of the year you make the playoffs and forget who bad your team really is.
The 'Boys were a worse team than the Texans last year (Or the Texans were a better team than the Cowboys, however you want to see it).
Getting your can kicked around the league and dominating division games is a far cry from the back-to-back days. The offensive woes begin at QB but offensively WR is the only position that is solid, that is if Coach Tuna can get KeyShawn to stop crying and play.
Defense carried the team last year. Defense was a major part of ALL of the championships. Dallas has never had a Marino, Elway, Moon, Favre, Manning (all prolific passers). They have good managers that manage not to lose games with stupid mistakes (Meridith, Staubach, Aikman, White).
I can't recall anyone ever inserting the QB's name before the Cowboys like "...they will face Brett Farve (pp) and his Packers..." or "...Steve McNair (not a pp) and the Titans..." None of the Cowboy QB's have ever been a threat to take over a game by themselves.
We're on a mission from GOD.

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