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In our division we will sweep the Titans, Split with the Jags and get swept by the Colts.
We will beat the Bolts, Lions, Raiders, Jets, and even drive the Vikings to consider relocation to Texas (What did they build the Alamodome for anyway?).
The Broncos, Chiefs, Packers and Bears (Soldier Field will be COLD and Dave Carr is from Bakersfield) will make us look like the practice squad.
The Browns will be a toss up and whichever non playoff team wants it bad enough will get it.
Depending on injuries and luck a wildcard is possible, but...
Still a respectable season, and with a good offseason (draft, free agency, trades..) we will be an elite team in our division until our youngsters (Carr, Davis, Johnson,etc..) grow up and leave or retire.
We're on a mission from GOD.
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