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Originally Posted by HowBoutThemCowboys!
Fiddy, Dallas has always had great Q.B's except for recently. Don Meridith, Roger Staubach, Danny Whte, Troy Aikman. How could Stabach and Aikman get in the hall of fame if they just relied on the rbs? You must not know anything about Stabach, White, Aikmen, or Meridith. I ask you please research them to see how great they were
I know that the Cowboys have had great QBs none were 'prolific' passers. For example: Troy Aikman had 7 season (out of 12) with less then 3000 passing, he averaged 199.65 yards passing per/game through out his career. For comparision purposes. Peyton Manning is a 'prolific passer' because in his 6 years only 1 of his season does he have less then 4000 yards passing. In 1/2 of the time of Aikman, Manning has already accumalted 75% of Aikman career passing, Manning has also averaged 260 yards per game.

Troy Aikman's stats

Roger Stabach (minus seasons where he played in 4, 6, and 8 games), averaged 191 yards per game during his career, and intresting enough, his 2 best years came when Tony Dorsett came to town

These guys are Hall of Famers and great QBs. I am not trying to take anything away from them, but they werent 'prolific' passer, great passer, but never had the stats that other QBs had. Favre averages 240 yards per game, he is a prolific passer, Aikman only averaged 199, is that prolific? To me it isnt...

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