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Originally Posted by flawedout
true but in overtime against the pats the refs called a penalty, when there was no foul committed, and the flag was thrown after we made the INT ...
The refs definitely treated us like an expansion team, that wasn't supposed to win. The 'odd' calls came too often. In the Pats game, don't forget they also threw the flag at the end of regulation (the flag was thrown on Wong for 'petting' Brady - the refs wanted to make sure Brady had another chance in case the pass was incomplete - as a ref, you know you are deciding the game when you throw those flags). In the Colts game, the phantom receiver that caused them to pick up the flag on the intentional grounding call on Manning at the end of the game (was this the call that Capers said was the worst he'd ever seen?). The Chiefs game with the phony roughing call on Kenny Wright on Trent Green at the end of the first half that killed the game.

I hope the refs get a memo saying it's okay for us to win a game.
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