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Thanks for the good post. I have posted in another thread. Sounds like our impressions of the O-line might be on the same page. Using the D-line against the O-line has got to help the O-line get better. Apparently the O-line has been off limits along with David until this year. We have got to see what's wrong if we are going to fix it. You can wait til the season starts. I wonder if we will invite back any of the young O-line guys we cut? I think Mathis is going to be a player. He can be taught route running. He has the skills that can't be taught and he is blazing fast. We know that Carr can reach him no matter where he's at on the field.

The potential of this reminds me of years ago at FSU(Fresno State) when the wide receivers were Henry Ellard and Stepan Page(Yes, they played together at the same time) and the QB was Tedford(Cal Coach). Other teams would play a deep zone and watch two receivers go streaking past them. It looked like they thought no one could throw the ball that far. Tedford could and did and it was a circus to watch. Then when he was able to throw to them under the coverage it was still a race, because once they got the ball they were you know what to catch. Ellard was a high hurdler in high school and he did go over more than a few people. I think that was one of the most under rated small college teams ever to play the game. They also had a 50 plus yard field goal kicker.

Anyway, to have someone like a Hayes, a Page, or an Ellard on this ball club could be a valueable asset and change the coverage that Carr is seeing. If the defense relaxes at all it can be 6 in a hurry. That potential of the few seconds going all the way play changes the defense and puts tremendous pressure on the other team and opens up the field for other players. AJ may not be as fast as Mathis, but I'll bet he's close enough to be a living nightmare for the other team. If you see them line up on each side heading down the field, I bet the middle opens up. That becomes a good place for receivers like Gaffny, Armstrong and Davis out of the backfield.
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