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Originally Posted by Vinny
This snippet isn't very encouraging.
That was one on the reasons I included the link, because I knew you would pick up and quote that one. I think the book is out on Carr and there are pluses and minuses. I'm still not certain which way I lean, except to say that he has done really well despite a lot of adversity. I do wonder, however, does he have that special spark of the truely great QB's who come down the pike. The great ones have the ability to take control and lead despite adversity. We have seen that a couple of times from Carr and there have been other times when it was nonexsistant. Is it the fact that the coaching staff will not let him take control or does he lack the ability to do so? Remember, the great ones control the field as much as the coaches. I suspect Manning has a lot to do with what happens on the field. Again, I'm not comparing the two except to say that Manning probably has a lot more say than Carr on the field. Again its a difference in talent, but its also a difference in coaching technique. For exampe, Capers and Montana probably would never see eye to eye. Montana was what he was, because he was free to imprevise and overcome, particularly in the last two minutes. Montana was truely a field general. Confidence comes from trust and trust comes from confidence. A simple statement, but so true.
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