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OK, in the order in which they were asked:
1) NO Joppru sad but true. Hopefully Rivers or Murphy can rise to the task.
2) #2WR would be wide open even if Gaff were not rehabbing.
5) Bradford has been in the league 7 yrs now. Leopards don't change their spots. New blood will take over this position.
9) T.J. has signed.
10) K, P, KR, PR, and all of the special teams will blossom.
13) A.J. has already served notice - he will be a terror!
14) Palmer will get as much leash as Capers will let him have. His neck is in the noose.
15) Boss Hog repaces OC McK by midseason? Interesting theory.
16) Old guys we cut will be replaced by quicker, faster, younger ones. Translation a kick butt defense.
19) J.J.s sure hands will be still be here, just on faster returners. 3-4 balls will be returned to the house.
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