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Default Re: Fan Stereotypes

Originally Posted by spurstexanstros View Post
Cowboy fans are the worst in the NFL .... I think you did a great job describing them....I really think that their fans believe NFL should be changed to TCP (Teams Cowboys Play)
Originally Posted by HoustonFrog View Post
See it is this stuff that gives Texans fans a bad name. The description was so far off and comments like yours make the fanbase seem petty and like there is an inferiority problem. Many good Cowboy fans are around and a many spent their lives watching them. It is funny how within the NFC East the rivalries are so steep that most fans from all the fanbases talk. All of them dislike each other. Yet people here act like Cowboy fans are all the same, the only ones that talk, etc. I mean Hook em, a Giants guy, was talking rudely about the Boys the other day. Is that acceptable because its the Cowboys?As a rival it doesn't bother me but people need to stop acting like one fanbase does it. Stereotypes, in general, are plain silly. In the long run, just like in real life, it is a few who reinforce it while there are many living their regular lives that don't support it. There are many Cowboy fans on this board, all good people, all who don't talk alot. Most of us came from the area or grew up from the 70s watching the team. Most of us are from families that watched them. Friends too. All good, normal people working and watching games. Bad seeds at games or in certain cities don't make fanbases.
I have seen both sides to this arguement, and understand where both of you are coming from. I lived in the Dallas area for 6 years and been in SA for many more than that.

Dallas Area Cowboy fans - While living there most Cowboy fans I meet were great fans, supported their team without being rude to fans of other teams. In fact many would openly voice their displeasure with the Cowboy organization if they weren't happy about what they were doing. I personally was always treated well when out watching a game amongest the Cowboy faithful.

SA Cowboy fans- They are some of the rudest fans I have ever meet. I don't know if they are trying to prove they are worthy cause they have no local teams or what. To them, if you are not a Cowboy fan you are a loser....period. And don't even try to go watch a different game anywhere if the Cowboys are there.

Note: I have meet both types of fans in both places, but the majority seem to fall in the areas I metioned above.
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