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Originally Posted by JB View Post
Frog, I understand where you are coming from. Many used to be cowboy fans. B ut since the start of the Texans, there has bit a lot of derision on the part of Cowboy fans here in Houston. Look at the Chron blogs at the stuff that Cowboy, Keal, Five Rings and others post. It is arrogance that is maddening to most realistic Texan fans, and downright criminal as far as Texan die hards are concerned.

Most Cowboy fans are apathetic towards the Texans, but the few are lound enough to drown out the many...
I am thankful you see that it is a few. I want to go through my thought process on this so bear with me.

I want to start with saying that I read those d-bags in the paper and they are a minority. An embarrassing minority that makes me shake my head. They are just like the radio host in SA a few years back that was at a bar ripping Texans people. I wrote him and told him he was embarrassing and he wrote back and still didn't get it. Just like people here in Houston that get fierce on Cowboy fans and who talk non-stop there awlays seems to be a vocal group that can be embarrassing.

Background: For many here this is old hat so I'll make it short. Grew up in Ft. Worth. Was a kid...0-10 yrs the 70s. So football and the Cowboys were big for me mid to late 70s and moving forward. Also had the Pitt SB rivalry. At this time, my bro that is 10 years older than me went to UT. Earl was there. So when Earl came here I was also a secondary Oilers fan and had an Earl jersey to go with my Cowboys stuff. I never knew of a Houston/Dallas thing. Was even pissed as can be at the Renfro "non-catch" call. Just Texas teams and players. So basically through college..up until 1992 I lived up there and was a massive Cowboy fan who cheered for most Texas teams on the side. To me there never was any hostility and fans of the Cowboys were my family and friends and school buddies.

Moved here in 1993 for law school. Was excited to be in another city where they had sports teams and where I could adopt some secondary teams. Loved that my first 2 years here the Rockets were winning championships. Those same years the Cowboys were winning Championships. Life was good in a new city. There wasn't much sports talk and all so besides my new friends here...mostly Cowboys fans from around the state, I never saw the hostility. So when the Texans started here I was excited football was back. I told my family about the great new stadium and how football would be nice here. Even with an embarrassing 19-10 loss I was happy for this city and at the time knew the Cowboys were sucking post SB years so it was tough but cool to see.

In 2005 I came to this board because I started getting frustrated with the local team and Carr. Had no idea what was here, that there was a guy named Hulk who was Carr's brother, that people were so torn on this stuff or that people were really so bitter at Dallas or the Cowboys. My first 2-3 years here I only really discussed Texans, the draft and even disappeared during some seasons. The Cowboys never were much of a topic except 19-10. That changed the last 2 years or so where I started noticing more of a Cowboy hate, more Cowboy posts, more ragging on anything Dallas did. I was a little surprised and some of it was childish. Only then did I dive in here and there. I know many here were surprised I was a Cowboy fan. It never really came up. Many people asked me about it.

So that is my issue with all this. I never saw myself, WWJD, Starstruck, etc bait people or start flaming threads. Yet I hear non-stop about hateful Cowboy fans, to the point of obsession at times. I read antogonizing threads that are pretty over the top. It is a Texans board, so no big deal. But from an "outsider" you have to realize that it seems like an p-envy thing. I think this fuels the talk from the other side. I heard some old timers even say that here. I won't speak for them but I think many get embarrassed that there is so much vitriol for the Boys instead of just Texans talk. It also makes you wonder...chicken or egg. Did hate cause talking or vice versa. In my book, people need to realize that there is a large majority just like me, Star and WWJD...people who work and have families and who don't call shows or write to the paper...who grew up Cowboys fans..and who are good fans. The minority are the loudmouths. Considering the attention they seek they are the ones you might see out talking or on the radio, etc. It is the same names over and over in this town. So labeling Cowboy fans something just fuels the fire and makes people look bad on the other side. As I said, if you grew up an NFC East person you'd have a whole different view as I hear trash from Giants, Philly and Skins fans. Alot of bad trash. If they were in Texas you probably would do the same labeling with them. The reality is that up in Dallas...and I stream there alot...Houston isn't a subject. So to think Cowboy fans just sit around talking trash and are horrible is just not true. There definitely was a bandwagon in the 90s but there are also 40 year olds like myself that grew up in a heyday with them. I think a large, large amount consist of these diehards.

Sorry for all of this...way too long.. but I want to respectively explain how some of us see it. I hang with...if you do degrees of separation....large amounts of people, spanning years, that don't act like Cowboy in the Chron. Nothing I can do about it but act good here and try and show the other side. Just like Pats fan was lovable until they won and got over the top cocky, you are going to see some bad fans from every team that wins over the years. If the Texans win a SB I'd expect there to be a group that will throw out the SB talk.

Hope that helps from one persons perspective
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