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Default Re: (Alan Burge column) Tate a happy Texan; Ryan Mathews "scared" he'd be a Texan

Originally Posted by ChampionTexan View Post
Could have been a number of things - the SD connection being one of them, or he could have even been talking about being scared of dropping all the way down to #20, and that's very well how it could have turned out if SD hadn't traded up for him. (or it could have been that there was some reason he didn't want to play for the Texans).

Whatever the reason, I'm not losing any sleep over it.

Hey, there's a 8th grade football star at a local school in my city that said his favorite team is the Eagles. Let's all garner some black voodoo magic so he can break his leg and never get that slim chance to ever play against the Texans when he grows up!

No wonder people makes fun of us southern folks being 'angry rednecks'. Getting mad over some trivial shit like this. Bravo forum, bravo.
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