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Default Re: (Alan Burge column) Tate a happy Texan; Ryan Mathews "scared" he'd be a Texan

Originally Posted by Second Honeymoon View Post
He was scared that he might end up a Texan.
Well I was scared that he might end up a Texan too.
I guess we both got a sigh of relief when that asshat went to SD

oh and I am really surprised that a Fresno State player is such a prima Donna little girl. I guess it must be something in the water there that has them churn up so many garbage football professionals. The little puss will probably be on the IR with a hangmail or PMS by Week 3

Ryan Matthews, you suck

Agreed. I was jumping up and down when the Chargers traded up and even though the lack of context might be the only thing making this a story count me in as someone wanting to see this guy get stumped hard by one of ours either way.

And I might end up way wrong with this assessment but give me Tate all day over another first round pick from Fresno State.
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