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Originally Posted by nunusguy
Why is Coleman even that much of a concern ? The safety position is the least stategic position, least difficult position on the D side of the field to fill. Coleman is clearly an outstanding athelete, but he lacks the all important attribute of superior natural speed to be a pure corner - thats what D.Robinson has in spades and for more than any other reason, that is why we used our 10 overall on him.

Having Coleman at the safety gives us a nickle-look on as our base defense. The way it looks now, we will lead the NFL in team interceptions this year. But let's not forget, Coleman is/was a hell of a CB (better than 10 other AFC team's best CBs) and still has a year or two left in his tank at the least.
Now if he makes the pro bowl and we don't keep him that would be more nostalgic (i.e. like what the oilers/astros would have done.) than smart.
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