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Originally Posted by infantrycak
...Portis is going to a new team and the new team is going to a whole new system--probably some adjustment period for both...

More speed would be nice, but solid running and consistancy, i.e. not getting injured, is more important IMO.

By the way DD did have a run over 50 yds last year--it was 51--to bad it didn't start at the 49. As another aside--Holmes' longest run was 31 yds. IMO Capers has good definitions for big plays--15 yards for runs, 20 yards for passes.
Portis is in the NFC, so he doesnt have to worry about him.

I do share the feeling that consistancy and not getting injured is more important. I was just saying that DD can get through the line as quick as anyone I can remember, but once he is past the line he is easily caught from behind. With a little more speed we could see some of his 15 yards runs, turn into 30 yard runs.

That 51 yard run was against the Bengals, I remember, but wasnt a break-away. He got caught from behind by one of the Bengals DBs. Thats where the speed would help. If it was Tony Hollings, it would have been a TD. Thats the difference between DD and Tony Hollings, DD can get through the hole quicker, but once past the line it is near impossible to catch Hollings (when his knee was full strength, I am hoping it is full strength this year), but then again maybe Hollings doesnt get through the hole in time. DD will be a steady back, Hollings will be the homerun back.

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