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Default Re: BOLIO's 7 round Texans Picks

Originally Posted by Lucky View Post
I'm going to tag on to Bolio's thread with my own 7 round mock. Partly because it starts out so similarly to Bolio's. Here is the method I used to make my selections:

I made a short list of the players I liked, the positions I felt the Texans needed to fill, and what round I felt they would be available. I haven't seen many Southern Central Lower Slobovia State games, so some of the lesser known prospects may be off my list. I determined the Texans pick locations using GBN draft report's draft order and AdamJT13's compensatory pick projection. Then I went off CBS Sports draft rankings (they rank the top 2660 to decide who who be on the board at which selection. And a mock drafting I went...

1st Round (Pick #20) - Ryan Mathews - RB -Fresno State. With the rumors of Slaton's injury prognosis, combined with the Texans lack of interest in the FA class, RB has become the number one priority on this team. Of all of the backs in this draft, Mathews seems to be the best fit in this offense, as well as perhaps the most versatile in this draft. I would have strongly considered DT Dan Williams. But, he was off the board at #16.

2nd Round (Pick#51) - Lamarr Houston - DT - Texas
. Again, great minds think alike . Maybe it's too high for Houston, but he just makes plays every time I watch him. And the Texans need someone on the inside that can make plays. I think Houston plays the run well, too, despite being a converted DE. I was strongly considering CB here, but there were so many left that were bunched up in my ratings that I felt I would have better chance finding one at #81 than I would a DT (planet theory in effect).

3rd Round (Pick# 81) - Perrish Cox - CB/KR - Oklahoma State. I finally took a corner. And I don't see a big dropoff from those guys taken in the first, to Cox. He's an electric athlete who made a lot of plays in the top passing conference in college football. Plus, he's a dynamic return man. His combine 40 time was on the slow side, but I have to question some of those results from that day (see Taylor Mays official time/video). Cox may not be squeaky clean, but that's why he's possibly available in the 3rd round. With Cox still on the board, I didn't really consider anyone else as he both filled a need and provided value.

4th Round (Pick# 118) - Eric Olsen - C/G - Notre Dame. This is more of an attitude pick, than what the computer has to say. Olsen may not be a good fit in the traditional ZBS. But, he's tough, smart, and brings an attitude to the field. I think that's a toughness that is lacking with this team, especially on offense. I think Pollard and Cushing have begun a transformation to a tougher attitude on defense. Maybe a lineman like Olsen can inspire that in the offense. I also liked the Center out of NC State, Ted Larsen (former DT), and there were still some pretty good CBs left.

[B]5th Round (Pick#149) - Myron Lewis - CB - Vanderbilt.[/b] I really wanted to find a FS prospect by now. But, I'm just not crazy about what's left. Lewis is a rangy, athletic SEC corner who could project to FS in the NFL. Either way, he's good value for the 5th round. I wondered why Donavan Warren was still available, but just didn't see him as a good fit with the Texans (who want more physical CBs).

6th Round (Pick #183) - Zac Robinson - QB - Oklahoma State. I'm not wild about the QBs in this draft. But, I really like Robinson as a potential backup QB. He has the athleticism usually associated with WCO QBs. And enough arm to keep defenses from rolling up their coverages. Robinson had a down senior year, however his number #1 target (Dez Bryant) was ruled ineligible early on. I think backup QB is a hole on this team, and Robinson (with Kubiak's tutelage) could be ready in a year or so.

6th Round (Pick #193) - Emmanuel Sanders- WR - SMU. He doesn't fit the profile of a WCO WR. But, Sanders has been nothing but productive since he stepped on the field for the Mustangs. Also, an excellent punt returner who brings the type of added value a David Anderson lacks.

7th Round (Pick #223) - Hunter Lawrence - K - Texas. He seems to be a good kicker. Made a big kick in the Big 12 championship. And he's not Kris Brown. That's enough for me.

Priority Free Agents

Tony Washington - OT - Abilene Christian.
Has 1st round computer numbers, with little experience. He will be drafted, but wasn't among the top 255 players on the CBS board. I think the Texans will bring in a LT project type, in this case it's Washington.

Brody Eldridge - TE/C - Oklahoma. If the Texans are in the need of a blocking TE, this guy fills the bill. Could bulk up and wind up on the offensive line.

Eryk Anders - LB - Alabama. Was a productive player on a very talented Tide defense. Probably an overachiever, but the Texans could use a few of those.
I probably would have gone Warren over Lewis but doubt he is there in 5th. Also, Cox is good but am really worried that his choosing to party & miss two curfews says something about his maturity. I had him rated high 2nd round before that. He is saying the right things now but I'm not convinced.
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