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Default BOLIO's 7 round Texans Picks

1) Mathews RB - I like Dwyer better with the ball in his hands and think he could do for us next year what we needed this year. He can make tough yards and he can break a long one. However, I do feel Mathews is the most complete back for our system.

2) Lamarr Houston- I think he will be a better pro than Mccoy of OU. He was the best player on the field for Texas this year. Better than Kindle, Shipley or Mccoy. He could help out our DBs a lot.

3)JD Walton OC or Tennant from BC - I think either could work themselves into the rotation quickly if need be.

4 Marshall OG/OT TCU - I think he is a guard all the way and I like this kid a great deal. He could become a starter in this league for many years. Some may think it is early...not me.

5) Skinner S Maryland - Once we get this far down it is a real crapshoot. My theory is here we start to take guys who are big, strong, and fast and then see if they can play football.

5) Muckelroy OLB Texas - I think he will slide and he has some potential and physical skills.

6) Freddie Barnes WR Bowling Green - He has some abilities and would be a nice roll of the dice.

7) Jared Veldheer OT Hillsdale - SIZE SIZE and more SIZE. Practice squad and let's work it out.

I know it does not address CB. But the draft I was in the CB I coveted was taken in front of me several rounds. It gives you two starters in Mathews and Houston. It also gives you two guys in Walton and Marshall who could develop quickly. The rest are special teams players and projects. What do you think?

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