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Originally Posted by Ediddy73
both Chuck Darby or Ellis Wyms would start for us ahead of Deloach. So lemme get this straight, Trade (ie give up something) for Antonio Bryant and pay his salary, but don't sign DR for the vet minumum and give him a chance? hypocritical.
1. It isn't a given that either of those guys would start ahead of DeLoach.

2. Even though I wouldn't touch Bryant with someone else's ten-foot pole, he doesn't have anywhere near the same kind of past as Russell. Bryant has not been suspended by the NFL (yet). Russell has to be on the straight and narrow or he will get suspended indefinitely (for more than a year), even if he just forgets to show up for a drug test.

3. There is absolutely no way that McNair/Casserly/Capers would tolerate Russell.

4. There is very little chance that McNair/Casserly/Capers would trade for Bryant. I think the talk show rumor was blown way out of proportion and that there was actually no talk between the Texans and Cowboys beyond the Cowboys saying "Would you like to offer something for Bryant" followed by the click of Casserly hanging up the phone.
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