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I call you son because its obvious that you need to be schooled more, even now more than ever if you don't think that Peter King is not a reputable source. It just shows you lack more than I thought.

I don't understand why you need to quote Morty as saying that its down to 2 teams with Gildon? Ok nobody is debating that. Gildon and his agent have narrowed down 2 teams that want to shell out more money the the other teams were willing or could do. Nowhere can you quote that Texans were not interested in Gildon, NOWHERE! So my point still stand, the Texans did have some interest in Gildon.

BTW, unless you're discussing field hockey in the Montclair, NJ area or hazelnut cafe lattes in general, I'd stop using Peter King as a source.
I see you had to go read his bio real quick. But he's been a writer for Sports Illustrated for 15 years, has four Associated Press Sports Editors awards for excellence in sports journalism, written five books, a halftime analyst for ABC's Monday Night Football, and on and on and on. Yeah, he sucks.

Here's a another guy that said the Texans were interested in Gildon, Alan Robinson - Associated Press

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