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Yes, the Jags sucked this season. I think they did better than I expected them to do. What about the Texans this season? This was supposed to be your year. Sweep Steaks anyone? And the economy has hit the shitter in N. Florida and the entire state. Check out the forecloser rates in Florida. Why did the NFL play the Pro Bowl in Miami? To $ave money!!!! Texan fans only glory is the big win vs. the Cowboys, what 6 years ago? Stop talking crap until you guys get it together. I'd rename this thread LOL, Texans.
Yes and Conversely, the economy is booming in Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Buffalo. Jacksonville's economy just isn't up to par with those major cities. Its so bad, that people in Jacksonville can't afford to watch ANY kind of football.

Yup, people in Jacksonville just don't have the money to attend any football games right now.
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