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There has been interest in Gildon from the Texans, stay informed son.
Pittsburgh Newspaper

I guess being a Steeler fan explains why you think so much of Gildon.
I was a Steeler fan, but follow most teams. I don't just throw out stuff. I guess Peter King must be a biased Steeler fan too since he rated Gildon the best player who will become available in June. BEST PLAYER! With as many as four teams interested in acquiring his services last month, Gildon is in a better position than most free agents who have been languishing on the shelf for weeks if not months
If Dom really wanted Jason in here, he'd be here.
If Dom wasn't really interested in Jason he wouldn't have inquired about him. There's these things called Salaries and Cap issues. Also, Gildon is in the twilight of his career, maybe he wants to go to more established team with more potential in the next couple years. He does have a limitted time table and no ring. Of the team rumored to have interest in him we did have the worst record last year.
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