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Originally Posted by aj.
The Texans carried 4 RBs and 2 FBs into Week 1 last year btw...
One thing to remember is that while the roster is 53, the active game day roster is 45/6. Last year, early (before Mac was injured), one of the backs (Davis or Hollings) was inactive. In other words, they were not ready to be active (either health, or experience), but were too valuable not to be on the 53 man roster (other teams could grab them). Just a thought, but if the Texans aren't developing a significant young talent at the position, they may not save one of those 'inactive' spots from 46-53 for a sixth back.

While it's too early to know, it feels like a Glen Earl, Jamaal Lord, or Sloan Thomas could be "not ready to be active (either health, or experience), but were too valuable not to be on the 53 man roster (other teams could grab them)," like Davis and Hollings

Originally Posted by aj.
... Baxter is not the best blocking FB. That was evident in '02 and early in camp last year...
For other players (Carr), we accept that there were limitations in 2002 and accordingly we agree that his performance then doesn't represent their 'ceiling'. Why not Baxter. Won't he have a better offensive line in 2004, a better blocking TE, more passing threats and a more experienced QB. He may be able to show a lot more in 2004 than 2002, like we expect from Carr and Gaffney. I confess I don't know if he has more to show, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Originally Posted by aj.
... Wells is physically gifted but it's obvious he's not highly motivated. That landed him in Capers doghouse more than once the last two seasons, especially last season when he was told to play well on special teams or else - while barely hanging on to a roster spot behind Mack, DD, and Hollings. Watch Wells' body language at practice and on the sideline during games. He seems detached and disinterested from what is going on around him. Sometimes I wonder if he really likes playing in the NFL. Like I said somewhere else, unless someone tells him this is his contract year or someone else lights a fire under his butt, he's on the bubble...
It must be extremely difficult to be a star in college and then feel lost as a pro. While Wells was given every opportunity to shine in 2002 and couldn't do it, as I mentioned early, there were limitations to the 2002 squad that make it difficult to evaluate the young players. To me, Wells doesn't look bored. He looks lost and frustrated because he isn't fitting in.
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