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I spent that last 30 years of my life watching the Steelers in Pittsburgh, and for too long, fans wanted a change at Outside Linebacker, and the change is well overdue
I've had been a Steelers fan for just as long before the Texans came about. I've seen the LB's come and go. There's been a quite a few that have been let go for cap reasons or they wanted too much money (see Brown, Nickerson, etc...)
He was placed in great situations.
That is laughable. Gildon got made all those plays because he HAPPEND to be in a "great situation"? That was totally pointless. Gildon was still a main cog in the defense that ranked 9th in the league. You must be over-evaluating the defense for the lack of offensive production the Steelers had last year because it certainly wasn't the defense that was at fault. Haggans is good and I wanted him to land here, but is not the caliber of player that Gildon is, which is why he's only seen bit parts on the defense and he the Texans felt he was not all that.
If you bring in a one dimensional guy like that, the offense knows exactly what your going to do
So I guess Gildon was the problem on the 9th ranked defense not being ranked better. Yea he has not leadership skills either.

I never mentioned Foreman in my post
No you didn't but texans279 did. I don't think I'm going to create multiple posts for everyone I need to respond to.
Bringing in Gildon on a 1 year contract
Never said we should bring him in for a year. 2 years would be good to A) get him into a cohesion with his new teammates B) school the younger linebackers, many of whom have not played in a 3-4. Players always say that learning from veterans is a valuable asset.
What's in it for him if he's not here for the long term.
Long-term meaning what exactly? How long do you think most NFL players last? You see players move all the time. Who said he wouldn't be here for more than 1 season? Yes he is on the down side of his career, but still racks up the stats and has the veteran leadership and experience. There is a reason the Texans are rumored to have an interest in him, same with Bruener. But that is another debate, thing is, we landed him.
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