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Default Re: Possible 2nd round draft picks for the Texans.

Originally Posted by Wolf6151 View Post
The 2nd round is where teams are still finding starters and finding the most value amongst draft picks. Possible 2nd round picks:

1. Jon Asamoah-OG, the Texans need O-line help and this guy fits us perfectly. He's got size and talent and plays in a ZBS scheme already.

2. Mike Johnson-OG, another very good OG for a team that needs O-line help and the 2nd round is where most teams find their O-line starters. He seems a little stiff to me so he may fall to our spot in the 2nd.

3. Nate Allen-FS, this guy has got speed and ball skills plus a little more size than Earl Thomas. If we can't get Thomas in the 1st then this guy is the best FS left on the board at this point.

4. Ryan Mathews-RB, this guy has the total package, size, speed, quickness, vision, and cutback ability, but comes from a small school, he'd be great in the ZBS, he may go in the bottom of the 1st but I think he goes in the 2nd.

5. Jahvid Best-RB, he could possibly go in the 1st round and is the same type of runner as Spiller but not as much power, very fast, quick, and great cut backs.

6. Brandon Ghee-CB, I don't know much about this guy but have read really good things lately. He's got size and speed and plays man coverage very well.

7. Perrish Cox-CB, another good man coverage CB with size and speed but he's had some off the field troubles so I'm not sure if the Texans will take the chance.

8. Patrick Robinson-CB, he's a carbon copy of Dunta and has really good numbers but he didn't have a great year, he played on a team with a terrible Defense though. His stock is falling lately but I still think he goes in the 2nd round.

9. Maurkice Pouncey-C, he's the top rated C and can also play OG and RT in a pinch, he'd be great on our line at LG playing and learning from Myers for a year and then taking Myers spot after next season. No way Kubiak starts a rookie at C though.

10. Chad Jones-FS, another great S, this position and class is very deep. He's got Taylor Mays size but a little slower and has ball skills unlike Mays.

11. Morgan Burnett-FS, another great ball hawk with size, speed, quickness, closing speed, and hitting ability, he may get moved to SS though.

12. Lamarr Houston-DT, if he has a great post season and combine then he could move up to the 2nd round. He's quick and has decent size but not great, good penetrating UT.

Let's hear you guys opinions. There are other players but I limited the choices to positions of greatest need.
Jon Asamoah would be the best pick for us. He fits our ZBS perfect if you watch some game film on him. He is not the power blocker like Iupati or Bulaga. Asamoah uses his quickness and adjust to defenders really well.
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