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It's all about the cap son. That is why he going to be let go. Can you even name the guy that is going to replace him? Yeah i guess Gildon just all of the sudden got old from last years 7th ranking of sacks to this off season. Gildon is asking a lot of money and is exploring is options, trying to get the best deal he can. How can I say that Gildon IS better than Babin. Go back and do the research on rookie LB's in the 3-4. Gildon can have just a so called off season like he did last year and still stack up above what most rookie LB's in the 3-4 do their first year. How can you make that statement when you've never seen Babin play 1 down either? At least I've seen Gildon PROVE what he can do, you can just assume what Babin can do.

Gildon not bettter than Foreman? Are you kidding me? Is that a real arguement?

Wong has done everything the Texans have asked of him except get to the QB.
um yea, but that is his main concentration as a OLB. And notice that we drafted a guy to replace him? Notice that we switched him? Thats all well and good but its about production.
So by your accounts we can expect things out Babin in 5 years?? Which is exactly my point. We could have Gildon in and mold Babin a bit for at least 2 years.

You are putting way too much expectations out Babin in his 1st couple of years.
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