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They brought in FB Comella a week before the season started and once Comella got dinged, it was all Moran Norris at FB by mid year. Comella, a seasoned veteran with 35 starts under his belt couldn't beat out Norris, I don't expect Baxter to either. Stackhouse would probably beat out Baxter.

My comparision of Moran Norris' and Jarrod Baxters' college rushing records goes back to a previous statement that someone said that Baxter would make a good 3rd RB. I was comparing the two from that aspect. I seriously don't think you can gauge Wells' performance with high accuracy considering that Baxter was a rookie FB leading the way in front of a record setting line. I just don't see how you can say one was better than the other. If you want to compare Wells to Baxter at the college level, then have at it. You still won't find Baxter being the better player.

One thing that Wells has over Baxter is special teams play, and as a backup, which most will agree Baxter is, Wells has the inside track.

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