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Default Re: Awtysst's first 2010 Mock

Originally Posted by awtysst View Post
So, here it is Awtysst's first 2010 Mock. Please try to contain your excitement. So its official. The Texans are 9-7 and will be picking in the #19 or #20 slot. We do not know what the result of the Travis Johnson trade is at the moment. So, I will go the conservative route and assign a second 6th rounder.

Before we get started, I want to make this statement. I believe that Alex Gibbs is gone from Houston. Kubiak now realizes this is a pass first run second team. This is a departure of the traditional run to setup the pass mentality that Gibbs uses. He will either retire again or join Shanahan and Shanahan Jr in DC. With Gibbs gone the ZBS will probably morph into a hybrid system that incorporates single back and spread offense. So, we are no longer married to the ZBS.

And now, on with the Mock!

1. Who knows who will be here. If Earl Thomas is here, I’d take him, but I have him getting taken earlier. Would you trade up for him? Say a 1st and 6th to move up a couple of spots? I would, but its hard to say who will be here. Our big needs are CB, FS, DT, OC, OG, RB. After Haden (who I see as a top 10 pick) there are no other first round grade cbs. After Berry and Thomas there are no more first round FSs. After Suh and McCoy, I do not see any other first round grade DTs. I do not see a first round grade Center. There may be one first round grade Guard and Mike Iupati is that guy. A lot of people look at his size and dismiss him(6’5 340lbs). I would offer two things to counter this: First, Gibbs may retire or go to DC. So we may move away from the ZBS. I mean, how much did we throw the ball last year? Do you remember Denver teams throwing that much before? I don’t. Second, the ZBS is not about size, its about athleticism. Iupati has good feet, can get to the next level, and is strong enough to take on those big strong D-lines that seem to throw our o-line backwards. Is this high for a guard? Maybe, but Ben Grubbs was a first round pick for the Ravens and was picked in the 20s and all he has done is become a Probowler. Slide him into LG and the left side of your line is finished for the next decade. Awtysst’s pick: Mike Iupati-Center Idaho

This is a deep draft and so I trade out of the second round completely and pick up 2 additional 3rd round picks. The trade I make is as follows: we trade our 2nd rounder which is around 19 or 20 in the second (worth between 380 to 390 points) to the Philadelphia Eagles and they give back #6 in the third (from Seattle) and their own pick which is currently 26 but may drop. The math works pretty well. Its not a steep price for them to pay and it works well for us. A win win scenario.

3a. So, with our first pick in the third we have more holes to fill. While I thought that Mr. Pollard was fantastic, he really needed a friend out there at FS. I think a friend like Morgan Burnett would make Mr. Pollard quite happy. Burnett is a ball hawking FS who has solid tackling skills. Add in Burnett and watch those INTs increase! Awtysst’s pick: Morgan Burnett-FS Georgia Tech

3b. We need a help for the ground game. Part of that was Iupati, but you know what Iupati loves to do and what all us Texans fans want to see: hit em in the mouth, knock em back, and pick up a 3rd and short the old fashioned way. We need a biog strong back to do that. I say get Toby Gerhart from Stanford. His 40 time and his lack of catching will probably drop him down from the late second into the third round. He is not an elusive back, but he fits the run straight ahead model that we desperately need. Need a yard or two? Have him run behind Iupati and watch us get that and more! Awtysst’s pick: Toby Gerhart, RB Stanford.

3c. I don’t think DR returns, so we need some help at CB. After Haden, my favorite CB is actually Crezdon Butler. He is the kind of guy we need at CB: solid tackler, physical, good hands, and a hard worker. Grab Butler, pair him with Quinn and have McCain and Reeves battle it out for the nickel corner spot. I think we say bye to DR and Molden is cut in camp.
Awtysst’s pick: Crezdon Butler, CB Clemson

4. I think one thing we could use is a DT that has the ability to play stoutly against the run or the pass. How about a DT that can collapse the pocket and get after the QB? Talented players fall all the time. Many times they fall because their more publicized teammates get the headlines. In this case I think this guy will fall because teammates like Thomas, Kindle and Muckelroy will grab the attention. While they do, LaMarr Houston will quietly be a steal. Plus, how cool would it be to see the back of his uniform say Houston! Houston playing for Houston. Awesome… Awtysst’s pick: LaMarr Houston DT Texas

5. We need some help at the Center position. Myers has had enough time to prove his case and in this fan’s opinion, he is out of position. He would make a solid backup Guard, not a Center. I think Caldwell can play Center, but Kubes did not give him the chance there. Kubes thinks Caldwell is a RG, so fine, lets keep him there. Instead, I will take a center who I think could push Myers in camp and may even be able to start pretty early in the season. Eric Olsen helped the Notre Dame passing game and he can be a solid run blocker too. He needs to add a little weight, but when he does, he will be strong enough to take on the big 3-4 NTs and be stout to make holes and protect his new bff Mr. Schaub.
Awtysst’s pick: Eric Olsen C Notre Dame

6a. I think its time we address special teams. I like Andre Davis and so do you. I respect the way he stepped up and elevated his game when AJ went down. I loved to see his huge kick off returns for TD a couple of seasons ago. Problem though is that its been two years since he had a big return. He lacked explosiveness in kickoffs. I say, thank you Mr. Davis, but we need a replacement. I would draft him here in the 5th round. I am looking at a guy who had 11 return tds in the last two years. He can return both punts and kickoffs, so JJ can concentrate on just WR and hone his skills there. Leroy Vann played as a cornerback as well and was a physical corner. He is probably too short for cb (he is reportedly 5’9”) but he could be a studly returner and special teams monster. I say he would be a great value for a 5th rounder.
Awtysst’s pick: Leroy Vann -CB Florida A&M

6b. If there is one thing we need to do is to be able to get those short yardage plays. 3rd and short and 4th and short have traditionally been an Achilles heel of this team. Iupati and Gerhart go a long way towards rectifying that problem. Sometimes though, good old fashioned smash mouth football really inspires your own defense. So, I think it would be fun to get creative on 3rd or 4th and short. Lets run a play called SUPER JUMBO package. We would line up our traditional 5 offensive lineman normally. We would have no Wrs on this play. We would lineup OD next to the Winston and Hill to the left and a step behind Brown. Leach lines up just behind the space between Caldwell and Winston. We would then lineup our next pick in the space between Iupati and Brown. Schaub is behind center and Gerhart behind him. Our next pick will lineup between Iupati and Brown and as soon as the play starts will step forward and use his massive run blocking skills to create a hole for Gerhart to drive a bus through. Wondering who the mystery player I drafted was? Really? I gave you a HUGE clue. I named this play: SUPER JUMBO and there is only one guy in the draft that qualifies as SUPER JUMBO!
Awtysst’s pick: Brandon Carter G Texas Tech

7. If you have watched ANY of the Texans game this year you know that we have had some kicking problems. A lot of people say we need to draft a kicker others think we need to sign a FA kicker. Some want competition for Brown, others want him gone yesterday. Personally I like the guy, but numbers wise he has been statistically one of the worst kickers in the league. So, I say cut our losses and draft a kicker. There are several solid ones out there. You may disagree with my choice, but I am gonna take the guy I have seen kick for years. He has hit so many pressure packed kicks that he is ready for the NFL. He is $ within 50 yards and when the pressure is on he usually delivers. In fact he made a HUGE kick just to get his team to the National Championship game. Yeah I am a Longhorn fan, but he is still a great pick.
Awtysst’s pick: Hunter Lawrence K, Texas
Good draft but I have to side with Beerlover. I don't see Gerhart there in third. Enjoyed the read and appreciate you work.
I want to be able to recognize the difference between a "want" and a "need" and then I want to be satisfied with getting a need
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