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baxter didnt lose his starting role to norris until he was injured.
Yes we all know that. Starters lose their jobs while being injured all the time. There is no rule that says that since you started from day one you can't be replaced. Moran Norris avg 5.0 a carry his last season at Kansas, Baxter avg. 4.47 at that powerhouse, New Mexico. Bowling over such huge games against UTEP for crying out loud. Norris can carry the ball in short situations just as well as Baxter can, and in my opinion is the better blocker.
baxter's had his chance and has proven worthy
I still havn't seen where that assumption can be made? In what way has Baster PROVEN his is worthy?

Baxter started as a rookie for an expansion team. That doesn't stack him up with the rest of the league when our talent level was at its lowest point. Moran Norris has done a very good job, good enough in my opinion to lockup the starting spot going into camp. Wells is the 3rd back on the chart. By no means a short yardage guy, but good enough to be the 3rd back. The short yardage guy is Moran, but since we rarely go to a FB, then it's the starting HB anyways. Baxter isn't worthless but he is coming off a 1 year absense and someone else has his spot locked up. Same thing can almost be applied to Joppru/Bruenner, except that Joppru was a higher pick and more potential and we run can run 2 TE's.
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