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Default LOLB versus ROLB

Originally Posted by clandestin
Yep Greene played on the left side, probably due to the fact that Lathon was the larger of the two (lathon was around 270 give or take, where as greene was about 20 pounds lighter.)

I didn't mean to indicate that the two OLB spots are mutually exclusive, but with babin playing at 260-280 and Wong (and Peek) being significantly lighter I see ROLB as his likely spot. I also think that it may be easier for babin to make the transition with fewer coverage responsibilities.
Clandestin. Thank you for your comments.

Can we keep it going. I thought that generally, the strong safety had the tight end in man coverage and that the outside linebackers would take the first back out of the backfield on their side. I appreciate that they are often changing it up to mess up the offense, but I mean generally. In this concept, the free safety plays center field.

If you agree with this generalization, both the LOLB and the ROLB have the same responsibility in the passing game. If anything, the ROLB has more of a challenge in the passing game, because he will have coverage in greater space (generally, less players in the same space equals more empty space). I would put the better athlete, as opposed to size, or the better player in coverage at ROLB.

In the run game, I would think you would want you better run defender, or stronger player on the left side, or the strong side, to hold up against more blockers (RT, RG, TE, FB generally).

All of this leads me to believe that everything else being equal, they would prefer Babin on the left (if bigger equals stronger against the run) and Peek on the right.

What am I missing?
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