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Originally Posted by SESupergenius
I think that Baxter is the odd man out. Moran proved that he is one of the better FB's out there. I've kept my eye on Moran for a good part of the season and you could just tell that he was a major cog in the in running game. Baxter will be rusty coming off a full year of rehab and I seriously doubt he is better than Wells at the RB position. The limit of having 25 players on offense greatly reduces the chance that we keep 3 rb's, 2 rb's and 3 TE's. Unless Baxter is a monster on special teams I just don't see that happening, we did fine without him last year.
I like your analysis, but I would add a couple of thoughts:

a) saying we have 25 on offense I believe implies 25 on defense and 3 specialists (1 kicker, 1 punter and 1 snapper); I think we may well have more specialists. They may technically be assigned to offense or defense, but they aren't really reliable back-ups (J.J. Moses as ruturner, but not reliable as WR, or Bell as a gunner, not reliable as CB) Worse, come game day, these specialists need to be activated ahead of players who are more reliable back-ups on offense and defense. I would say we will really have closer to 23, or 24 players who really count as offensive players, enhancing your argument about Baxter;

b) I agree about Moran's work, but I believe that the Texans liked Baxter's progress and work ethic before he broke his foot. He also broke it early last year and I would think he is completely recovered ... tough to give up on him

c) While Wells may be a better overall RB, Baxter may be a better short yardage back. If he is good enough to be activated as a special teams player and short yardage guy, he may make the squad.
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