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sorry longhornjag didn't mean to get you all wound up...but the way he coaches that team has it's good points but even more bad...hopefully for their sake they don't have as many players drop like flies in training camp like he did last for that team is horrible and probably their biggest problem...brunell said it best when he said that it seems that they(management) don't care about the players who have been here from the beginning...i.e. fred taylor, jimmy smith, and himself...darius is next on the list because he wants a long term contract and they are unwilling to sign one with him...and then del rio has it to where people think he's a locker room cancer like with mccree...when he first came here everyone on the jag forum was like he has a bad attitude, which is untrue...i don't have a problem with a new coach to get rid of the players that don't fit his system but do it with class...don't send out messages that try to downgrade the players character
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