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It seems like some posters are bothered by the suggestion that DD might be an E Smith on the horizon. I can't understand your negativeness over this issue. All I have said is the young man has shown a lot of talent - I think others have voted on that issue - and may be he will be what E Smith was for the Cowboys. I think the Texans organization is also voting that way based on the changes they are making and the statements that are coming out of the organization. Yes, one season does not make a great running back, but I have simply stated the facts that DD is a lot better than anyone thought he would really be. I think he carried the team as much as anyone did last year. He even overcame an injury that most thought would cause him to be written off. In fact, I thought we put too much emphasis on him in some games last year. But like E Smith he handled well what was thrown at him. I look forward to seeing how he will do this year, and yes just may be, we will be seeing the emergence on a new E Smith type running back who just goes out and shows everyone that he is the real thing even though there are a lot of doubters out there. It would certainly be wonderful to have something for the other team to worry about other than our passing game. That might even make our passing game even more ominus. Oh well, if you want to critize me for being observant, go ahead, but I think I'm going to have the last laugh.
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