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You might also consider work ethic, attitude and a number of others which point to a young man who is similar to E Smith in a lot of ways. All I'm saying is that E Smith wasn't suppose to be much either and he certainly proved a lot of people wrong. There are a lot of similarities between E Smith and DD. DD seems to have that ability to see the hole developing and knows how to run to daylight. I think it's no coincidence that we are changing our blocking scheme to fit him. I think the Texans are very high on DD. He thinks on his feet. That's something a lot of other backs can't do. I give him a lot of credit, and if he can stay away from injuries, I think he is going to be something very special. Remember, no one thought he would be more than a backup or ST player last year, little lone rookie of the year. He proved a lot of peope wrong in his 1st year.
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